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TechsignalTM is the specially designed software for Windows that performs scientific market prediction with spectral analysis, synthesis of cycle events, and more. Techsignal was designed and built by the
Foundation For The Study Of Cycles, a Connecticut non-stock corporation that was founded in 1941 by Edward R. Dewey. TechsignalMr. Dewey was the Chief Economic Analyst for the US Department of Commerce to whom President Hoover turned to analyze the cause of the Great Depression. As the Foundation For The Study Of Cycles became the world center for cycles research and a repository of cycle related information, we culminated this data and our experience of using it in a way that you that can now access. Through state of the arts programming you can apply our preferred methods of market analysis toward anything of your choosing and do so in seconds, rather than weeks.

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FSC TechsignalTM Software - With that in mind, the Foundation for the Study of Cycles is now proud to announce the release of a new software series, "FSC Techsignal", to facilitate the further studies of the signals already identified, and yet to be identified, in the universe around us.

The work of Edward R. Dewey and others has positively identified the existence of several hundreds of naturally occurring cycles in nature and man's social sciences and economics. The mystery of their coincidental behavior, of cycles seemingly unrelated, but which move up and down at the same time, lies at the root of the problem. The proprietary algorithms and mathematical procedures and models derived over the last sixty-five years of the Foundation's existence, form the basis of the new software product. In a very real sense, the FSC Techsignal software series, IS the Foundation, all of its discoveries, and all the results of its enquiries. All of the results of research that our original pioneers found can now easily be replicated, validated, and rediscovered, as well as scores of yet unknown and unsuspected natural and human correlations.

And, as the Foundation today still exists to discover the causes and uses of cyclic phenomenon, the software exists now as a proprietary scientific tool for the world to uncover and further the studies of the cycles researcher as well as the cycles economist. Because the stock and commodities markets daily produce a plethora of financial data easily obtained and studied, and because the natural cycles models that now exist move in synchronicity, sometimes side-by-side, with those of economics, we have intentionally produced the new software to be likewise suited simultaneously for all areas of study and inquiry, both natural and economic, or a combination of both.

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